You know you’re an RCIA catechist when…


Easter Vigil

Easter Vigil

  1. A surprisingly large number of people in your phone contacts have the surname “RCIA”
  2. You wonder if Caffe Nero will start charging you rent for the number of one-to-one chats you have there
  3. The lead is missing from the projector. Again.
  4. WhatsApp and Facebook messenger ping throughout the day about any or all of the following: lost Baptism certificate / why I can’t come this evening / can someone give me a lift / what’s that book you mentioned? / our babysitter didn’t show up
  5. You inwardly do a little dance when someone who is married ticks the boxes marked, “I have not been married before” and “My husband/wife has not been married before”
  6. You carry an extension lead in your handbag in case the parish one is missing. (Yes, I do that, okay?)
  7. You have a larger-than-normal number of novenas on the go – for various breakthroughs/conversions/obstacles to be removed
  8. You would love to know how many souls have been released from Purgatory for the hours you spend putting out tables and chairs and stacking them away again
  9. As well as catechesis, you have unexpected skills in technology, hospitality, childcare, design, catering, to name but a few
  10. The night you’re not feeling too enthusiastic for the enquiry sessions is the night God sends along an unbaptised university student, a young professional “none” and a Hindu who is interested in Christianity… And you are amazed and in awe at how God will entrust these people to you.

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