The Human Experience

I doubt The Human Experience will be new to most of you, but it is such a wonderful, profound film that it’s definitely worth watching more than once. I remember when I first watched it a year and a half ago, there were many quotations and comments which invited me to reflect more deeply. The film asks what it means to be human, why life is worth living, what the meaning of suffering is, what the secret to happiness is. Two brothers go in search to the answers to these questions. They spend their time over the course of a year with the poor, with people who are suffering (the homeless in New York, orphans in Peru, lepers in Ghana) so the answers they uncover are surprising. This film will make you want to live your life WELL!

We will be showing it next week to enquirers to the Catholic Faith. It is a great film for precatechumenate and evangelisation since it shows the beauty of being human, of human dignity…and today people are converted by beauty!

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