Teaching on the Eucharist

I notice that I’ve written rather a lot of posts recently on the Eucharist, but it just happens also to be the main theme of our period of Mystagogia. We’re using a great programme produced by Word on Fire – see the video for a description of this programme – and over these few weeks between Easter and Pentecost are studying the Eucharist as Sacred Banquet, Sacrifice, and Real Presence. For adults who want to do serious study (based on scripture and the Catechism) I would really recommend anything from Word on Fire.

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2 Responses

  1. Kurt Barragan says:

    Fr Barron is a really good communicator. I pre-ordered the DVDs of his Catholicism Project the other day – they don’t ship until August but I’m excited already!

  2. I know! I’m a bit of a fan of his… The Catholicism Project should be great.

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