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Forming young catechetical leaders 11

Forming young catechetical leaders

An issue that is very close to my heart is forming catechetical leaders for the next generation. I feel that we especially need young catechetical leaders who are able to catechise their peers as...

The Ecclesial Method, Part 4 0

The Ecclesial Method, Part 4

Here we are, after a very long gap, for which I apologise… The fourth step of the ecclesial method. The first three steps of the ecclesial method for catechesis (Mgr Francis D Kelly, The...

The Ecclesial Method, Part 3 2

The Ecclesial Method, Part 3

Having looked at the all-important preparation and proclamation (the heart of the catechesis), I want to now look at the third step: Explanation Just as our teaching follows God’s pedagogy (this is why the...