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How amazing to be able to tell you that the Catechist’s Guide and the Candidate’s Workbook are both now available to buy! You can do so here… (What are you waiting for?!)

I have seen the Candidate’s Workbook, and it is beautiful… I’m very pleased with how it’s been produced, and – as so many people keep saying – an absolute bargain for £9.99.

And, although I haven’t seen the Catechist’s Guide yet, let me warn you, people… it is BIG! This is one monster Confirmation Catechist’s Guide, crammed with catechetical goodness, spiral-bound. All for £29.99.

Please spread the news!

Two monumental things happened this week. First one was that my book is finally published. Second one was that I made a decision to actually camp at the Walsingham Youth 2000 festival this week. This is so monumental, you have no idea. I have stocked up with camping gear – everything waterproof, everything warm – sleeping in a field will never have been so cosy.

What I’m really looking forward to is giving a workshop with Xanthe Dell on Young People, Discipleship and Catechesis. Hopefully I can put it in a blog post afterwards. What Xanthe and I have done is to go through the ‘thresholds of conversion’ (Forming Intentional Disciples) and think about how they work for young people. How does “making disciples” actually work with young people? We’re including lots of stories and examples (mostly from Xanthe’s work). And we’re also going to reflect on where ‘catechesis’ fits into all this. Excitingly (if this post didn’t have enough excitement already), the Catechist’s Guide and Candidate’s Workbook will also (I’m told) be on sale at the Slipper Chapel Bookshop during the festival.

(And if you haven’t liked the Transformed in Christ Facebook page yet? Today’s the day! Go and do it! 😉 )

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  1. Bernadette Andrews says:

    Hannah, just arrived back from short break to discover that a package has arrived. Cannot wait to delve into it!

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