It’s been ten years…

One evening this week I was in my sister’s kitchen as we prepared supper and suddenly realised the knee-high boots I was wearing were ten years old… Yes! I actually bought them when I was in sixth form. And am still wearing them today. Either I am a fashion disaster or they’re a seriously great pair of boots…

And then it got me thinking and I realised… It was exactly ten years ago this week that I had my conversion. I call it a conversion because it truly was. The first night of the Youth 2000 retreat I lay on the parish hall floor surrounded by strangers wondering what on earth I was doing there and, quite frankly, wishing I’d never come. The next night, I lay in the same spot, completely head over heels in love with the greatest Love of my life. This is no exaggeration. On that weekend I encountered Jesus’ love in the Eucharist and in Confession in a way I could never have imagined possible. It completely turned my world upside down and gave me a happiness at knowing him that has stayed with me ever since.

For those who know me, the past ten years have seen many crazy twists and turns on my journey with the Lord, trying every day to be led by him. This week, I have been full of thanks to him for entering my life and turning it around. Where would I be now, who would I be now, if I had not met him for the first time that weekend, in a small town in south-west England, ten whole years ago?

As Catholics I think it’s important we mark dates and the passing of anniversaries… Our Baptism (and even First Communion and Confirmation) and the other momentous events when the Lord called us closer to him. Let’s never let our gratitude diminish for what he has done for us. He uses history, the passing of time, for our salvation!

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4 Responses

  1. Paula says:

    I thank God for your conversion and for all the work that you do to bring others to Christ. I had a similar wonderful experience, in 1983, and the happiness is still with me. Let us pray for each other!

  2. Tonia says:

    Definitely something to celebrate! And the boots are great. My 10 year conversion point comes April next year. That’s the anniversary of my son’s baptism. So we can celebrate together.

  3. William says:

    Happy Anniversary!!!!! May the Holy Spirit continue to bless you and draw you deeper into the heart of God!!!

  4. Thank you everyone! Yes, let’s pray for each other…

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