August is all about HOLIDAYS and I will be out of the parish now until (a very busy) September. In just a few hours I’ll be heading off on holiday number one with some family and friends. Here is a beautiful passage from the Holy Father, which expresses my hopes for this month:

“In this summer period many have left the city and find themselves at tourist sites or in their homeland for their vacations. My wish for them is that this awaited rest serve to strengthen their mind and body, which, given the hectic course of modern existence, daily undergoes a continuous fatigue and strain. The holidays also afford a precious opportunity to spend more time with relatives, to visit family and friends, in a word, to give more space to those human contacts whose desired cultivation is impeded by the rhythm of daily duties. For many, vacation time becomes a profitable occasion for cultural contacts, for prolonged moments of prayer and of contemplation in contact with nature or in monasteries and religious structures. Having more free time, one can dedicate oneself more easily to conversation with God, meditation on Sacred Scripture, and reading some useful, formative book. Those who experience this spiritual repose know how useful it is not to reduce vacations to mere relaxation and amusement.”

Don’t you love him?! It is true that when we go on holiday our daily structure goes out of the window and we often forget about prayer and spiritual reading. But the Pope is saying we need to pray and read Scripture MORE – this is a real test of where our love lies!

Will be soon somewhere near here....!

Very soon I’m heading off somewhere quite near the Holy Father’s homeland 🙂 and looking forward to seeing him later this month in Madrid. Happy holidays!

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  1. madryy says:

    Hope you have a fun fulfilled holiday! 🙂

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