Frassati Hike

In our parish, the apostolate for young adults is the Frassati Society. It is inspired by the person of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati and therefore involves four different aspects – prayer, service of the poor, community and love of the outdoors. We hold a meal and talk every month to which around 20-30 young adults come each time. On Saturday, we had our second Frassati hike. It was the LOVELIEST day! I can’t explain how wonderful it is to get out of London into the countryside for a whole day, with a group of fantastic people, beautiful scenery, a long and picturesque walk and a delicious pub lunch. I think London can feel like a treadmill for lots of young adults, and it is so good to break out of it from time to time and remind yourself what ‘living’ is. Walking is also an excellent way to get to know new people… it is amazing the kind of in depth conversations you get into with people you’ve never really spoken with before. It was a truly blessed day, it did its job in building great community, we prayed the Rosary together and really sensed God among us. God is GOOD!

I don’t yet have photos from Saturday, so here are photos from our last hike:

All of us on the hike!

yours truly 🙂

Sophie is one of the adults who was confirmed at Easter

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