Rt Rev Philip Egan, Bishop of Portsmouth:

What I like about “Transformed in Christ” is the way it not only offers a comprehensive catechesis to our young at a level they can engage with, but also the way it grounds this in the primary proclamation of the Gospel, the kerygma of Christ’s death and resurrection (evangelisation). This course not only informs its participants but helps them become, by God’s grace, intentional disciples, focused on the love of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. …

Hannah Vaughan-Spruce brings to this programme the fruits of her practical experience as a faith-filled and accomplished catechist involved in Confirmation courses and adult formation.

Fr Stephen Wang, Senior University Chaplain, Archdiocese of Westminster:

This is an outstanding catechetical resource. It can be highly recommended for Catholic parishes and schools. It provides a rich faith formation in well-structured sessions that will appeal to the minds and hearts of young people. It also gives much needed practical advice for priests and catechists about how to prepare and run each session. It is rooted in the Bible, the Catechism, the wisdom of Christian experience, and the Church’s vision of authentic catechesis.

Fr Stephen Langridge, Vocations Director, Archdiocese of Southwark:

The challenge facing the Church today is not so much teaching the faith as forming Christian disciples. Transformed in Christ is an outstanding course because it leads young people on a journey of faith and encourages them not only to think more deeply about what we believe but to begin to live that faith in prayer and in Christian discipleship.

Fiona Mansford, National Director, Youth 2000:

Young people love to know the truth, even if it’s tough! This Confirmation programme brings the truth of the Catholic faith to life, in a way that will equip and form our young people to live as confident Catholics. There is nothing better than to see a young person deepen their commitment to Christ and the Church, because ‘they get it!’ I am confident that this programme will help young people to understand and love Christ and the Church more.

Fr Tom Dubois, Parish Priest, Nailsea and Portishead:

When I took on running a Confirmation group for the first time, I looked extensively at potential resources and programmes. It was such a joy to me to find your programme and find something that I’d really been praying for some time someone might develop. Catechists were very positive about the experience of using it and the confidence it gave them in preparing for and helping to deliver sessions. Highly creative ideas for engaging young people.

Fr Tom Smith, Parish Priest, St George’s Warminster:

Using Transformed in Christ has completely changed the way I understand and deliver catechesis in the parish context. I can now present a course that holds a narrative, an integrity. It comes with great video clip links, which worked fantastically. The catechists’ guide has made it really easy for the catechist to prepare in advance and be supported by sound teaching, with clearly defined objectives.

Xanthe Dell, Youth Coordinator, Salisbury Deanery:

What an incredible resource!  A beautiful balance between doctrine and spirituality all made really accessible and engaging. The sessions are broken down into realistic sections that keep the catechesis alive and the candidates awake. For so long it has been a challenge to lead our young people from the doctrine to the real life-changing encounter with Christ that stops Confirmation just being the “Exit” rite. Having tried a few sessions I am thoroughly excited about the impact I know this will have on our youth.

David Walford, Assistant Headteacher, St George Catholic College, Southampton:

A programme for Confirmation that is both catechetical and evangelising. This programme is more than just teaching; it is seeking. It seeks for our young people to come to know Our Lord Jesus Christ, it seeks for our young people to be transformed in Christ. It is rooted in prayer, Scripture and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. This programme will produce ‘good fruit’, and help in the ongoing conversion of our youth.

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