Gracewing has been posting out copies of the Confirmation programme to every bishop in England and Wales. Today, I received a fabulous comment from one bishop. Here is what Bishop Tom Burns of Menevia had to say (I am quoting with his permission):

What a splendid Confirmation programme this is! What an honest approach to expressing our Faith, beliefs and morals! It starts with the child and incorporates adults too. The style in which material is presented is colourful and “pickupable”. There is something holistic about its objective: to give our young people a love of God and each other, and the determination to stand up and be counted for what they believe and know to be right. This objective stands the best chance yet of ending the mantra: “Confirmation is the Sacrament of Exit!” NO it isn’t! It is the Sacrament of the Beginning of the rest of their lives. Using this programme will go a long way towards increasing our young people’s understanding of Confirmation’s place in their sacramental and spiritual lives, and introduce them to many other valuable faith resources too. They will want more! CONGRATULATIONS!

Wow, praise indeed! Thank you Bishop Burns!

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