Confirmation Round-Up

Confirmation catechists from Jersey

Some wonderful Confirmation catechists from Jersey

It seems time for a Confirmation update… Every few days, I seem to hear from someone from around the country saying that they have started using the programme with their Confirmation group. How exciting it is (and slightly surreal) to hear of parishes putting into practice sessions that I’ve done myself time and again, amending and honing them, until they seemed right. If you are using the programme, why not comment on the relevant session page and say how it went? For example, if you’ve done session 1, comment here. What worked well? What was more difficult? It would be great to hear your experiences.

I want to share with you just three comments I’ve heard from catechists recently. These are really heart-warming…

I have been meaning to say how much I love Transformed in Christ! It is an EXCELLENT resource. I used to be a primary teacher and have used other mediocre resources. I just wanted to say thank you for pouring yourself out to produce this. I’m sure there were many trials and sacrifices along the way but I am convinced it is going to be the source of so much grace for many of our young people! Thank you.

I just wanted to write and say a really big thank you…I was asked to lead Confirmation in my parish this year, having helped out previously, and I was pretty apprehensive … We stumbled across Transformed in Christ and we have just had the first session. It went really well! I was really reassured by the fact that you aren’t a teacher (neither am I). We have had trouble getting our candidates to speak in previous years. But today we had great conversations on God, faith, suffering, their peers, how RE lessons are a struggle at school…I attribute this entirely to TIC!

We had our first Confirmation meeting this afternoon and it was great! The material is excellent and we are very impressed with it as a resource. Managed to engage and hold the attention of 52 teenagers for three hours. Many many thanks for all your hard work in putting this together. We are looking forward to future sessions.

Thank you to all those who have been in touch. It is more than encouraging!

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