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Sunrise in St Malo, France a few days after Christmas

Sunrise in St Malo, France a few days after Christmas

Well, folks, #thestrugglewasreal this morning going back to work, and I am sure we all drank more than our fair share of caffeine. I just want to share with you some miscellaneous thoughts as we head into 2016…

#1 – Resolutions can be good – so… make some!

I’ve been thinking a little about the “human” resolutions we can make at the beginning of the new year, in the power of the Holy Spirit. Changes in the ordinary, natural aspects of our lives that will draw us deeper into holiness. I’m not talking about decisions we make of our own self-interested deliberation; I’m thinking of changes that we know God is inviting us to make. Of course, it is important to make spiritual resolutions about our prayer life. But let’s not limit our spiritual resolutions just to prayer. Perhaps your room is a complete mess? Perhaps you eat much more than you need? Perhaps you spend your money recklessly? God wants to come into all of this… and sometimes it’s really hard to let him into these places.

On this theme, I’m enjoying two good books at the moment. I’m not an enormous fan of the self-help genre, but a little can be fun. A friend gave me The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying by Marie Kondo for Christmas, and it is seriously good. I am naturally quite tidy and organised, but this takes it to a whole new level. I will have opportunity later for some clearing out as I starting packing for a move (more below…) so I am going to try and follow some of her ideas here. The basic principle is (and I think this can be a Christian principle) clearing your clutter so that you have a clean and attractive space in which to live brings order and happiness. I would add: getting your house in order exteriorly is linked closely (in my own experience anyway) to getting things in order interiorly. Your surroundings affect your soul for good or bad.

My sister and I are enjoying this book French Women Don’t Get Fat (LOL – although, it is true of the lovely French ladies I know) and the cookbook that goes with it. It’s nearly ten years old, but we only just discovered it recently. Over the last few years I seem to have been in France a couple of times each year, and have often been in places where the food is really good – fresh, wholesome, good portion control 😉 So I want to try some of these recipes.

#2 – Just this… 


Let’s all just take a moment to let this sink in…

I’ve been reflecting on it for a few days now. I don’t know what else to say than just … YES! Thank you Jesus.

#3 Je vais déménager…

I was in France the past week, so had to dig out this verb from my extremely rusty French. How cheeky of me to hide this into #3, but yes, I am moving! In mid-February I am leaving Portsmouth and moving back to the beloved Big Smoke. I’ll be going to Richmond where I’m starting a new job (part-time) as Director of Evangelisation and Discipleship in St Elizabeth’s parish. And I will be starting PhD studies… More on all of this to follow. Right now, I can’t believe I wrote this post London, I will miss you almost exactly three years ago. I am in amazement at God and his extraordinary ways. Put your life into his hands, and he will bestow goodness and kindness on you such as you would never have imagined for yourself…

#4 I’m alive, I’m alive, because He lives

If you’re finding the transition back to work and wet January days tough, have a watch of this… In all the struggle, let’s recall in those moments the joy of our salvation… “Because he lives, I can face tomorrow…” Yes. Let’s live in the real, living joy of his love, new and fresh every day. He has conquered all things… AMEN!

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  1. William says:

    Hello Hannah! Where are you getting your PHD at? What will be your focus? God Bless you,
    William O’Leary

    • William, great to hear from you! It is still tentative at the moment, but I hope to do the study on culture within parishes. It will be a sociological study of culture to determine what kind of culture allows evangelisation to happen / or alternatively stifles evangelisation. I should be doing it (God willing) at St Mary’s University, Twickenham. Hope you and family are well!

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