Blogging Buddies…

Blogging seems to have really taken off recently… I think I can say I was blogging before it was cool ūüėČ I am really loving that some fantastic mummy-bloggers are getting the “feminine genius” out there… Here are some of my favourites.

1) At the Heart of the Home


OK, I am slightly biassed here… this is my sister’s blog! I am utterly proud of my little sister who is a beautiful and radiant wife and mummy, growing into her gorgeous vocation. It has been moving for me to watch her blossom into someone so¬†loving and bursting with life. Marriage and family life are a beautiful witness, especially when the couple is young and setting out. Tess’s¬†blog expresses all of that.

2) Buntyliving


It was a great joy for me when Bunty and Ed moved to Portsmouth – more fab, young people for this vibrant¬†city! It’s been great getting to know each other the past few months. And I have to say, there is nothing better than stopping for a coffee break amidst the barrage of emails at work and seeing¬†that Bunty has transformed her lounge with an amazingly creative idea, while I have been answering emails. Haha! I love it.

3) Faith in our Familiesfaithinourfamilies

Faith in our Families is written by Clare Short, a mum of three. I love Clare’s honest and practical approach, and find it really inspiring how she is raising her children in the faith. Go Clare!


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