Anyone need a Rescuer? Jesus is for you

I love today’s Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross. I love it for many reasons…

… I love it because God has crushed the power of hell forever.

… I love it because every sin that has been committed or will be committed is overcome by the Cross.

… I love it because Jesus’ suffering is transformed into glory and victory.

Who’s with me in giving thanks and praise to God today?!

But, for me, the main reason I love this feast is that, in our misery and darkness, Jesus loves us enough to save us.

How much do I love that Christianity is not a religion of polished perfection or dazzling human achievement. How much do I LOVE that Christianity is for people who are desperate, broken, weak, struggling… and need a divine Rescuer. If you’re at rock bottom, wondering what the purpose is of anything at all, Jesus wants to be your Saviour. And the same goes if you’re doing just fine, pleased with what you’re achieving and happy with the world… Jesus wants to be your Saviour, too.

We can never get so far into our lives as Christians that we don’t need saving anymore. Perhaps the further we go, the more aware we are of how much we need it… how miserable and lost we are without him.

So, tonight, however we find ourselves, let’s allow Jesus Crucified to find and rescue us:

If you’re over-worked, under-resourced, overwhelmed, keeping-your-head-above-water burnt-out, He is your Saviour.

If you’re over-resourced, comfortable, lacking vision or fire, jaded or apathetic, He is your Saviour. 

“O death, where is your victory? O hell, where is your sting?”

“The Lion of the tribe of Judah has conquered” (Revelation 5:5)