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Developed in a parish setting over three years, Transformed in Christ is a 22-session programme to prepare 12-16-year-olds to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation.

  • Evangelising Catechesis: Developed and piloted in a parish over three years, this programme is evangelistic in its approach – the Gospel kerygma is at the heart of each session
  • Relationship with Christ: Each session includes a ‘time of prayer’ resource for introducing candidates to authentic Catholic prayer; the overarching theme of the programme is a constant invitation to candidates to deepen their relationship with Christ
  • Methodology: Its methodology is in keeping with the principles of the pedagogy of God. Beginning with a period of evangelisation (weekend retreat), 22 sessions of evangelising catechesis and discipleship follow. Each session loosely uses the ecclesial method (preparation, proclamation, explanation, application, celebration)
  • Content: Over 22 sessions, it covers the full content of the Faith, drawing heavily from the YouCat and respecting the systematic and organic nature of doctrine. It integrates the four dimensions of the Christian life (teaching, liturgy, life in Christ, prayer)
  • Faithful to teenagers: Acknowledging the reality of teenagers’ methods of learning, the flow of each lesson is fast-paced, each activity never extending beyond 10 or 15 minutes
  • Teaching Strategies: It uses a variety of different teaching strategies (short talks, video clips, quizzes, games, small group discussion) taking into account different learning processes
  • Learning Objectives: It is ready-to-use for well-formed catechists, with clear and achievable learning objectives for each session and fun and engaging strategies for assessing that these objectives have been met
  • Application to Life: Catechetical content is constantly made practical – helping candidates to apply it to their everyday life

Included in this resource are everything a catechist will need: ideas for attention-grabbing games; guidance on leading a small group; a full programme for an evangelisation retreat; two or three recommended video clips for each session; a YouCat quiz; an examination of conscience; suggested music to use throughout your programme; resources for 22 short times of prayer.

What are people saying about it?

Using Transformed in Christ has completely changed the way I understand and deliver catechesis in the parish context. (A Parish Priest)

Having tried a few sessions I am thoroughly excited about the impact I know this will have on our youth. (A Youth Worker)

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